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Mixed Chicks: Straightening serum

For women en girls with interracial hair

Article code: 0006

Mixed Chicks: Straightening serum

(50 ml)

Have you ever watched someone walk down the street, and their hair seemed 
to have a silky sparkle? Mixed Chicks Hair Silk makes you and your hair look 
more vibrant. How? It's our light reflecting formula that not only gives you added 
shine, but prevents fly-aways and splits. 

-Adds a polished texture
-For curly & straight looks
-Helps color-treated hair appear more vibrant

Directions:  place a few drops of Mixed Chicks Hair Silk in your palms and apply. Can be used on wet hair, or for controlling mid-day fly-aways, add hair silk to your dry hair.  

€ 19.95


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