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'We' doesn't know colour - Elsie Sloot

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Practical book about raising kids in two cultures. 

Elsie Sloot gives advice to parents of toddlers, schoolkids and adolescences from all cultures. Parents who come from a non-Dutch culture, raise their kids in two cultures. They want to install their own culture in their kids, but also want them to to be able to survive in Dutch culture. How do you do that? Sloot gives examples and tells about the most common problems with eating, sleeping, playing, anger, shame, sadness, drugs, alcohol and sex. Her advies is practical, positive and respectful to other cultures.  
(Biblion recensie, Redactie)

Language: Dutch 
Pages: 190
Size (mm): 151x19x235 
Weight (gr): 325  

€ 19.50


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