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Blended beauty: Curl Styling Butter

For people with interracial hair

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Blended beauty: Curl Styling Butter

This aloe based and curl taming butter cream is a rich styling moisturizer for medium to highly textured hair, that dries with a touchable feel. It has added soft hold for wonderful definition even with the most defiant curls. It contains Shea butter, chamomile, and sunflower oil, and top of the line conditioners. This butter will moisturize, defrizz and give you definition, with soft hold all at the same time.

For extra defrizzing and definition, use a little pudding on top.

250 ml

Directions: Apply to clean damp, detangled hair in small sections and smooth through completely. Style with fingers, not a comb, to reduce poof.

Ingredients:  aloe juice, chamomile water, shea butter, sunflower oil, emulsifying conditioner, beantree, emusifying conditioner-50, vegetable glycerin, soy lecithin, germall plus, scent, guar silk, rosemary extract, silk protein.


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