Curl consultant

We've noticed a lot of people have a lot of questions about their own hair, our hair products and which of our products to use. You want and/or need a curl consult? Since the beginning of this year we have   our own hair expert: Valerie Sampimon. She's mixed herself (Surinam/Dutch) and can tell you everything about Mixed Chicks, Blended Beauty and Blended Cutie in relationship with your personal hair type. Valerie is located in Almere. 

"Hello everybody,
My name is Valerie Sampimon. My Dutch-Surinamese roots started 28 years ago. At a very young age it became clear that as I grew up I would have a huge head of hair. My mom tried her best to keep it tamed and under control. Being that it was too much work, my hair was braided for a long time. When I became older, I wanted to wear my hair down. So I started experimenting with all kinds of products (from Pink Oil to Dax and everything in between) in order to tame my mains. I even tried regular gel which made sure it didn't frizz up, but also made my hair hard as a rock. Not very comfortable and thus not the solution.
At a certain point in time my aunt Rosita Rijkland, hair specialist of Holistic Approach by Rosita, introduced me to hair products based on natural ingredients (Blended Beauty and Mixed Chicks). The results were AMAZING! No more battling the frizz, rock-hard curls or nasty residue on the pillow sheets. For the first time I was happy with my curls in its natural state! I realized that in all those years, before I started using these products, all I'd been trying to do was fight to tame my natural curls instead of letting them be what they are, marvelous! I can honestly say that using these products has given me incredible results and I would never want to do without them.
I realize that there are so much more people out there just like me. People who don't know what to do with their hair and need help. It's a good thing that websites like Mengelmoez and all the knowledge and expertise of hairdressers like my aunt are available just for that purpose.
Before, people with questions were referred to hair salon No Jokes in Leiden. Now I started as a Curl Consultant it is also possible to get personalized advice and all products carried by Mengelmoez in Almere.

This entails:
*All hair products carried my Mengelmoez can be purchased at the same price in Almere.
* The purchased goods can be delivered for free in Almere.
* Are you not sure which products are good for your hair type? I can do a hair analyses and provide you with the correct products for your hair type. This personal analyses costs € 25,-
* It is also possible to get a product presentation and full hair analyses at home. This requires at least 5 people and will cost € 15, - per person.

For questions, comments and reservations you can reach me by mail: or by phone: +31-(0)6 42 12 95 35
I hope to provide you with all the tools and products you need in order to start loving your hair in its natural state!"

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