Mixed & Famous

Curious who else is mixed? Need positive rolemodels for your kid? Here you'll find a list of famous partly Dutch mixed kidz and couplez. 

Want to add names? Send an e-mail to info@mengelmoez.com 

Mixed kidz

Dewi                                (Indonesian/Dutch, singer)
Marion Bloem                        (Indonesian/Dutch, writer)
Patty Brard                        (Indonesian/Dutch, singer)
Ruud Gullit                         (Surinam/Dutch, soccer player)
Anneke Grönloh                (Indonesian/Dutch, singer) 
Hind                                (Maroccan/Dutch, singerres)
Jamai                                (Indonesian/Dutch, singer)
Ernst Jansz                        (Indonesian/Dutch, musician
Theodor Holman                (Indonesian/Dutch, writer/radio-personality)
Yvonne Keuls                        (Indonesian/Dutch, writer)  
Monique en Suzanne Klemann        (Indonesian/Dutch, singer) 
Michael Lamey                (Nigerian/Dutch, soccer player)
Kim-Lian van der Meij                (Indonesian/Dutch, tv-personality/singer) 
Anousha N'zume                    (dad from Cameroun, mom from Russia, Dutch herself,                                                   comedian/actrice/musical star/presentor)
Robin van Persie                (Indonesian/Dutch, soccer player
Emile Ratelband                (Indonesian/Dutch, tv-personality
Raymzter                        (Maroccan/Dutch, rapper)
Sandra Reemer                (Indonesian/Dutch, singer
Skate The Great                (Indonesian/Dutch, rapper) 
Paula Udondek                (Nigerian/Dutch, actrice/tv-personality/writer)
Dinand Woesthoff                (Indonesian/Dutch, singer
Sharon Kips                        (Surinam/Dutch, singer)

Mixed couplez

Raffaëla Paton (Surinam, singer) & Paul van der Vlugt (Dutch)
Robin van Persie (Indonesian/Dutch, soccer player) & Bouchra van Persie (Maroccan) 
Edsilia Rombley (Antillean, singer) & Tjeerd Oosterhuis (Dutch, musician/producer)
Bryan Roy (Surinam, soccer player) & Nada van Nie (Indonesian/Dutch, actrice/tv-personality) 
Jasmine Sendar (Antillean, actrice) & Rutger (Dutch)
Humberto Tan (Surinam, sportsjournalist) & vrouw (Dutch)
Orlando Trustfull (Surinam, soccer player) & Quinty Trustfull (Dutch, model/tv-personality)
Aron Winter (Surinam, soccer player) & Yvonne Winter (Dutch)

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