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Blended beauty: Kick for Curls

For people with interracial hair

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Blended beauty: Kick for Curls

Natural moisturizers revive the bounce in your curl, while satiny conditioners leave curls feeling soft and smooth. Use on top of any of our other leave-in products or use alone. 

250 ml

Directions: Shake before each use. For detangling, spray onto hair generously and comb in small sections. To revive curls, spray on to curls from 6 inches away. Crunch or smooth curls with your fingers.

Ingredients: aloe juice, chamomile water, polysorbate 20, BPG conditioner, beantree, grapeseed oil, emulsifying conditioner, vegetable glycerin,  soy lecithin, germall plus preservative, scent, guar silk.


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